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About Our School

Welcome to the Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School website. Nathan Twining school is located on the Grand Forks Air Force Base (GFAFB), approximately 16 miles west of Grand Forks, N.D. Our school is home to students of military members who live or work on the Base. Nathan Twining school is unique from other schools in the Grand Forks Public Schools system in that our grade level configuration of Kindergarten-8th grade is the only one of its kind. Not only is the grade configuration different, it also is the only school that houses both an elementary unit (K-5th grade) and middle school unit (6th-8th grade) under one roof. Following their 8th grade year at Nathan Twining school, students transition to Grand Forks Central High School in the city of Grand Forks.  

Nathan Twining school is part of Grand Forks Public Schools. The Air Force Base has its own school board but contracts with Grand Forks Public Schools for the education of all of its students. All resources, including special services, professional development, and curriculum are provided through the Grand Forks School District. Military children and their families have all of the same educational opportunities on the GFAFB as do those families that reside in the city of Grand Forks.    

Our school is working with several important programs at this time: Character Education, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program, Response to Intervention for Academics and Behavior, Daily 5, Reading Recovery, Jan Richardson Guided Leveled Reading, School-Wide Enrichment Program (SWEP), AdvancEd School Improvement Program, student netbook project, and the Marzano Teacher Evaluation model. We are committed to providing our students with staff who are highly-trained strategists and effective in the classroom, as well as programs that are research-based and effective. In May 2019, our school was certified in Marzano High-Reliability Schools Level 1 - Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative Culture.

As a staff, we are proud to serve the families of the military members who help keep the freedoms we enjoy every day. Should you need additional information not found on this site, please call our school office at 701-787-5100.

Again, welcome to the Grand Forks Air Force Base and Nathan Twining Elementary and Middle School. We are glad you’re here!

Mr. Chad Kurtyka